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Why your heart needs these 5 foods?

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Many people in this world will suggest you think from your brain and perform call-to-action from your heart. If your heart says you have to do it then man you really need to listen to it. But what if your heart stops caring about you? would you afford such a big loss from your body? Maybe not. But just like humans our lovely organ heart also needs some caring which should not be ignored.

If you are asked why you eat every day? Then probably you would answer that we eat to fill our stomach. But that is not always true what we think. Actually we eat to get all the proper nutrition needed by our body. According to some of the best nutritionist in India, our heart also needs some special type of nutritions that every individual need to take care of. We all know the source of Nutrition is healthy food only so here you can see the 5 best healthy food that will rejuvenate your heart.

1. Whole Grain

Whole grain is the best source to prevent heart diseases and the reason for that is whole grain is full of fiber and fiber is the number one nutrient required by the human body to fight heart diseases.

Dietary fiber is also helpful in lowering blood pressure improving your insulin discharge and improving blood lipid profiles.

3. Nuts and Avocados

Eating too much of saturated fat and trans fat that comes from the animal can increase your blood cholesterol but nuts and avocado can help you to reduce your blood cholesterol as nuts and avocados are rich in mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fat that is very essential to fuel our heart and make it healthier and happier.

4. Spinach

Ever seen Popeye who eats spinach and magically gets stronger than before? Well, the same thing could happen to your body also if you keep eating spinach regularly.

Spinach is recommended by nutritionists because it contains magnesium which is super helpful in preventing CVD or heart diseases. It also helps to maintain blood pressure.

5. Apple

We all would have listened to the quote that Apple day keeps the doctor away and this quote is 100% true because you will be astonished to know that Apple is a great source of the flavonoid quercetin. It is very helpful in reducing blood pressure and LDL cholesterol.


Make your diet in such a way that it contains all the necessary nutrition required by our body depending upon your age. consult some nutritionists in India to get a proper diet plan to prevent your heart to become sick if your heart will be happy then you will also be happy.